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#1 AI Website Builder for WordPress

Create Stunning WordPress Website in 60 Seconds with AI!

Build professional websites with limitless customization options using our cutting-edge AI website builder. No coding required.

Building a website can be a painful process

> Get lost in technical jargon setting up hosting and installing WordPress
> Spend hours searching for the right WordPress theme and plugins
> The struggle of starting from scratch with website creation
> Uncertainty about which design elements will work best
> Waste time looking for suitable images and visuals
> Write copy that never seems to hit the mark
> End up frustrated and with no website to show for it

We turn website creation into a joyride with our AI website builder

✓ Simply describe the business in your own words
✓ Watch as our AI website builder picks the perfect design for you
✓ Enjoy professionally written, persuasive copy tailored to your business
✓ Relevant visuals and images are picked and inserted
✓ And a complete, professional website is ready in 60 seconds!
✓ Our AI assistant is here to help you customize the site to perfection
✓ Focus on growing your business, and launch your website in record time

What Makes Crown Summit So Special?

Powered By WordPress
Powered by WordPress & AI

Harness the flexibility and extendibility of WordPress. You get a robust, open-source and flexible foundation for your website.

Any host of your choice
Website Hosting Included

Host your website with us or transfer your website to any hosting provider of your choice, granting you full control over your online presence.

Stunning Website Designs
Stunning Website Designs

Your website is guaranteed to turn heads with captivating design and visually striking appearance

Persuasive Copy
Persuasive Copy

Our AI generates compelling copy tailored to your business. Engage visitors from the moment they land on your site.

AI Assistance for Customization
AI Assistant for Customization

Once the first draft is ready, our AI Assistant is at your service to help you fine-tune your website to perfection

Extend with Plugins
Extend with Plugins

With WordPress at its core, you have limitless possibilities. Add plugins, install theme, write custom code.

For Entrepreneurs and Business Owners

No technical expertise required – AI designs the whole website within seconds

✓ Effortless website creation
✓ No technical expertise required
✓ Beautiful mobile-responsive designs
✓ Professionally written copy
✓ Launch and validate quickly

For Web Design Professionals

Save Time, Design Faster & Earn More with our AI-powered Website Builder

✓ Serve more clients, Do more in less time
✓ Unlock new revenue streams
✓ Focus on customizations & creative tasks
✓ Improve your processes and workflow
✓ Impress clients with speed and efficiency

Making It Easy

How It Works

Three Simple Steps


Submit your text business description to instantly begin website creation.


Personalize your website with the easy-to-use customization options.


Publish your professional website and showcase your brand to the world.

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Why Choose Us

Our Unique Value Proposition

Easy & Fast

Build a website in just 60 seconds without requiring coding skills or design expertise.

Limitless Customization

Enjoy limitless customization options to make your website a true reflection of your brand.

Cost-effective Solution

Save time and money with our efficient and affordable website building solution.

Happy Customers

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Take the first step to an exceptional online presence with Crown Summit. Build your website now!

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