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10% Referral Reward

Referral Reward
Get a 10% referral reward for each new client you refer to us!*
IT’S SIMPLE – Get a flat 10% of your referral’s paid services.
(For example, if your referral pays $1,000 per month for services, you get $100 per month!)


  • Referred client must confirm that he/she was referred by you. Your reward payment (by your choice of check, Paypal, or credit towards our services) will be sent within 30 days after client’s full payment.
  • An eligible new client is a company not already in our database, with whom we have not previously worked (including a previous referral by you or someone else) or found through other means.
  • Reward is unlimited and if additional services are purchased by the client at a later date you will still earn the 10% reward. Self-referrals and referrals made by employees or agents of the client are not eligible.
  • Only United States residents are eligible, payments will be made in U.S. dollars, and we must send you a 1099-MISC form if your rewards total over $600 in a calendar year.
  • This program does not constitute an expressed or implied contract or offer of employment. Referrers will not be considered employees, subcontractors, officers, or agents of Crown Summit.
  • This referral rewards program may be modified or cancelled at any time.
  • There is no limit to the number of new referrals you can make!